What Is Liposuction?

The Liposuction Procedure And Benefits 

When an individual has excess fat pockets after dieting, and exercising, liposuction may present a solution. This is a safe, plastic surgery technique that will target, and remove these fat pockets. There are numerous uses for the body including tummy, breasts, derriere, arms, hips, thighs, and ab liposuction. These procedures additionally contour the body.

Patients must receive approval from a qualified plastic surgeon before being permitted to have this surgery. Candidates are preferred to be in excellent health, a maximum of 25 pounds over ideal body weight, not responded to exercise, and diet, and above the age of eighteen.

The surgery is custom tailored, so the cost differs significantly between patients. The average cost per area treated is $2,000 to $3,500. This does not include anesthesia, hospital surgical centers, and additional expenses. The cost is based on the area, or areas treated, the body type, the type of procedure, the surgeon, and the geographical area. The additional fees include lab work, post-surgical medications, and compression garments, or bandages. Some surgeons offer payment options for the procedure.

The most important considerations regarding selecting a surgeon are their experience with the procedure, liposuction before after pictures to determine their past results, their credentials, their reviews, and their accreditations. Prior to the surgery, the candidate should view the liposuction photos. All liposuction doctors have a different style, and it must be appealing to that of the patient.

Traditional liposuction involves the use of a cannula, or thin tube, by the surgeon. The tube is connection to a suction pump. Once the cannula has been inserted into the body, the fat is broken apart by the surgeon with the use of the cannula, and fluid is injected into the area. The fat is then sucked out of the body by the pump. This procedure is popular, extremely effective, and commonly performed.

The recovery process is dependent on the size, and location of the treated area, and may involve days, or months. Compression garments are worn after surgery to quicken recovery time. Walking should be limited, and pain medication is generally prescribed. Loose skin will tighten, and the length of time is determined by the skin elasticity of the patient. The average patient has returned to normal within approximately six months.

Liposuction offers a lot of benefits. Fat pockets are removed, the body is contoured, and improves in appearance. The fat loss reduces the risk of many diseases including diabetes, and heart disease. Individuals feel better because they look better, and their clothes have a nicer fit.

Many individuals see a rise in confidence levels, and begin to experiment with new activities. Most people who have this surgery do so because they are unhappy with the appearance of their bodies. Once the aesthetics change through surgery, many people undergo another surgery in a different area to enhance, and rejuvenate the rest of their body. This enables them to wear different, and more appealing clothing styles, and often live a much fuller, and more rewarding life.

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