Top Hearing Aids of 2020

Hearing loss comes in many different forms and types. As a result hearing aids are not a one size fits all proposition. Hearing aids are actually quite personal. The type, style and version of hearing aid that is right for you can be a complicated and confusing question. There are hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss, hearing aids for severe hearing loss, hearing aids that help with tinnitus, hearing aids for the small budget, hearing aids that are so tiny you can't see them and more. Choosing the wrong hearing aid can also be a costly mistake as hearing aids can be very expensive. To that end, we have attempted to help you minimize your risk of making a costly mistake by giving you guidance on what things to consider when purchasing a hearing aid and to also point you in the right direction towards the top hearing aids of 2020.

Top 10 Tips When Looking For A Hearing Aid:

1. Listen to the hearing aid in different settings, programs and environments.

2. Pay attention to the sound of your own voice with each particular hearing aid.

3. Make a phone call with your hearing aid to hear how clear the call is.

4. Understand how to change the battery. 

5. Determine whether there are accessories you have that are compatible with each hearing aid. Also determine the cost of accessories that are compatible with each particular hearing aid.

6. Check reviews online for each hearing aid. Make sure more than 90% of all reviews are positive.

7. Inquire about repair costs and warranties. What is covered and what is not.

8. Ask your doctor what their thoughts are regarding the right hearing aid brand for you.

9. Make sure the company that manufactures your hearing aid is a company that is well known in the industry with a long history of customer satisfaction.

10. Once you do choose a hearing aid make sure you are 100% satisfied with the hearing aid during the first few weeks as most hearing aids can be returned or replaced within 30 days from purchase. 

Best 2020 Hearing Aid Brands & Average Costs

When starting your hearing aid shopping, these are the top hearing aid brands of 2020 to consider: Starkey, Phonak, ReSound, Oticon, Siemens and Widex. Those 6 brands are the leading brands within the hearing aid industry. 

Starkey: Starkey hearing aids start at $1000 each but can go up to $3000+

Phonak: Phonak hearing aids start at $1350 each but can range from $4000 - $5000

ReSound: ReSound hearing aids range anywhere from $1500 - $3500

Oticon: Oticon hearing aids range anywhere from $1800 - $4000

Siemens: Siemens hearing aids range anywhere from $2300 - $3450

Widex: Widex hearing aids start as low as $750 and can range in price up to $2400

For more information about hearing aid reviews, pricing, specs and more, visit this helpful resource.

Also consider hearing systems that work with your hearing aid that can make your life even better. If you are not sure what systems are available do not hesitate to ask your hearing doctor, audiologist or ENT about assistive listening systems and accessories that work with your hearing aid. There are many systems out there to choose from such as wireless media systems, TV's that send sounds directly to your hearing aid, personal frequency modulation systems and even apps that help control the settings of your hearing aid. Finally, once you do decide on a hearing aid, give yourself time to adjust. If you have never worn a hearing aid before then it will definitely take time to adjust. If you are using a new type of hearing aid, give yourself the time to get used to the new hearing aid. Those first 30 days are very important. Wear your hearing aid everyday, learn the settings, and get used to it. If you find you just do not like the hearing aid you choose then start the process over again and start looking at other options. It is very important to understand  the return policy of your hearing aid.

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