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Food delivery services can be helpful for aging residents who find it difficult to leave home and pick up groceries. It is important for seniors to have access to healthy meals on a regular basis to retain mental acuity and immune system strength. 

Meal delivery services can accommodate different dietary needs and budgets. Find out more about the available choices for seniors. 

Most Affordable: Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is the most well-known home-delivery meal service for seniors. However, it is a general name for many locally run programs. Some names include:

  • Mobile Meals Kitchen

  • Meals for the Elderly

  • City Meals on Wheels

  • LifeCare Alliance

Unlike other food delivery companies, seniors can enjoy a visit, smile and chat from volunteers who deliver the meals. While socialization is extremely beneficial for homebound seniors, volunteers also often check for risks to safety. 

Another key difference between this food delivery service and the others below is that these meals are typically delivered hot. Each meal will include a protein, vegetable, starch, drink and dessert. 

The availability of meals that adhere to certain dietary restrictions vary, but most recipes are heart-healthy, diabetic-friendly and have low sodium. Similarly, seniors will not have the luxury of selecting specific meals as they do with other delivery services. 

The cost for Meals on Wheels deliveries will vary based on location. In San Diego County, for example, there is a one-time fee of $35 to enroll, and then $4 per lunch or dinner meal or $7 per day for both. 

In some locations, government grants may subsidize the cost of meals or fees for meals may be determined based on the recipient’s earnings. Local Meals on Wheels groups accept donations of money and encourage those who can to volunteer their time. 

Senior Specific Food Delivery: Silver Cuisine

This food delivery service is specifically for customers older than 50 years of age. As such, the meals available meet the nutritional needs of senior citizens. It also caters to special

diets including:

  • Dairy-free. Chef’s meal prep courses free of cheese and other dairy products. 

  • Diabetic. Meals for diabetics have controlled amounts of carbohydrates (25 grams or less) to maintain the glucose level in blood. 

  • Gluten-free. These meals do not contain barley, rye or wheat.

  • Low carb. Silver Cuisine has a great diet meal plan with courses that have less than 25 grams of carbohydrates.

  • Low sodium. Each of these meals has the American Heart Association’s recommended sodium amount (600 milligrams) or less.  

  • Vegetarian. Vegetarians can enjoy plenty of plant and seafood-based recipes.

Additionally, Silver Cuisine has healthy meals for those who have heart issues or going through menopause. A doctor designs more than 150 different chef-prepared meals, which have fewer calories, reduced sodium, more fiber and less fat. 

Although other food delivery programs like Blue Apron and Sun Basket ship ingredients and recipes for customers to cook, Silver Cuisine sends already prepared meals that just need to be heated. This is helpful for those who have difficulty with chopping and other food preparation tasks. 

This meal prep service does not require customers to sign a contract or place an order that has a minimum requirement. AARP members are also eligible for discounts including 25 percent of their first order and 10 percent off orders that follow.

There is a fixed $19.95 shipping fee for $9 breakfast and $12 lunch and dinner courses. However, orders more than $99 will waive the shipping cost. 

Diverse Meal Prep Choices: Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen food delivery also delivers frozen prepared meals like Silver Cuisine. Also, similar to Silver Cuisine, Magic Kitchen has healthy meals that accommodate different dietary needs like low sodium, carbohydrates and fat as well as gluten-free, diabetic-friendly and dialysis-friendly. 

As people age, their dietary needs change and seniors often enjoy smaller meals than they once did. Magic Kitchen takes this into consideration and has portion-controlled courses that can be reheated in the microwave. 

This is beneficial for those searching for a diet meal plan as well as seniors who live alone and take longer to eat larger orders, which prevents food from going to waste because of spoilage.  

Likewise, seniors can choose food delivery a la carte by ordering just:

  • Main courses

  • Side dishes

  • Desserts

  • Soups and breads

Magic Kitchen also has special meal bundles including several for Thanksgiving that serve two to six people. Seniors can also prepare for visits from grandchildren by ordering kid-friendly meals. Other bundles include delicious recipes like beef wellington and chicken Ana Luisa. 

Shipping for this food delivery service starts around $18 and meals are about $12 a serving.

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