Liposuction Recovery 

What is liposuction and its recovery?

Liposuction is a surgical process aimed at eliminating excess fats deposits in several parts of the body. The ultimate goal of the surgical procedure is to reshape your body and therefore is not a treatment for obesity. The surgery is done to various body parts including thighs,upper arm, back, neck, chins. Ab liposuction is done on the middle body (abdomen). Liposuction photos help track down the changes that the body undergoes in transformation, right from surgery to recovery.


Steps to liposuction recovery.


Follow post-op instructions

  • Follow post-op instructions


It is paramount to consult your liposuction doctors and follow the post-op instructions to see to it that you recover properly.


  • Get ample rest


Rest is a crucial factor to get you started on the recovery process. You should have a comfy place to lay, with a soft mattress and a pillow to allow your body to self-form. You need rest for several days then you can resume to school and work routine after that.


  • Have compression attire.


Compression attire is essential in maintaining your body shape as your body continues to heal. The purpose of these garments is to keep the pressure on the affected parts, maintain blood circulation and stop bleeding. 


  • Eat healthy


The surgery aims at removing fat cells from the body sections. Eating unhealthy can cause deposits of fats in the same surgical areas in a vast a capacity and ultimately alter your body once more. You should eat foods with fewer fats, balanced diet, and complex carbohydrates.


  • Take antibiotics.


Antibiotics are essential to prevent infection and should be primarily issued by your doctors. Make sure you follow the prescription and finish the dosage.


  • Pain relievers.


It is normal to experience some pain after the surgery or tingling sensation, and that can be managed by using some over the counter painkillers. It may take up to two weeks to start feeling better after the surgery thus the medication will keep you going.


  • Caring for the incision and removing your stitches.


Your body will have stitches along the surgical area which should be kept covered by bandages. You should keep the bandages on when cleaning up and avoid soaking in a tub for the period until your surgical incisions heal up. Should there be fluid accumulation in the wound, your doctor will handle the liquid drain.


Some stitches are absorbed by the body while some need doctors expertise for removal. They should be removed only at the the-the hospital.


  • Do walk around and exercise.


Start by taking slow strolls around to keep your body flexible, and then move on to doing cardiovascular exercise to help maintain your strength, body weight. Strenuous activities and training should only be done after a month of recovering from the surgery, and it is advisable to seek your doctor's approval on that before commencing. 

Liposuction before after pictures should show distinct differences, should the overall recovery be successful. However, it is not a guarantee that the desired results will be achieved.

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