Liposuction Treatment

How Liposuction is Effective in Fat Reduction and Body Shaping 

Liposuction, commonly identified as Lipo is a cosmetic type of surgery that is done to remove extra fats from the body as an effort of altering the body shape. Areas that the procedure is effective are the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and thighs. The procedure can be done under local or general anesthesia. In simple terms, the procedure involves the use of a cannula which sucks fat from the human body under very low pressure. Generally, candidates for Lipo should have normal body weight and skin elasticity. Research shows that ab liposuction happens to be the most performed cosmetic surgery. This process of body contouring is globally accepted and many doctors are conversant with the details of the procedure.


Use of Liposuction


Generally, lipo procedures are meant to change the shape and appearance of the body. The procedure does not curb obesity and related conditions. It is short-term body shaping measure. After the surgery, the candidate can decide to keep the standards of the new body shape as reflected in the liposuction photos. However, if nothing is done, the fat might come back within a few months. 


Candidate for Liposuction


Basically, not everyone can have a lipo procedure. The candidate should meet the following requirement:


  • Be of legal age, that is 18 years and above.
  • Be in good body health and free from diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions
  • Have a continuous exercise and diet regime
  • Possess fat pockets in various body parts

Technique and Procedure


Generally, the body fat is sucked via the use of a cannula and aspirator. When having the procedure, the following should be considered:


  • The Liposuction doctors and candidate discuss in advance about what body areas do the procedure and what to expect.
  • A consent document is signed by the candidate on the surgery date.
  • An antibiotic is administered to the candidate an hour before or after the procedure.
  • The areas targeted are marked on the body of the candidate.
  • Sometimes, liposuction photos are taken to indicate the appearance of the body before the procedure. These photos are to be compared with ones taken at the end of the procedure.
  • The target areas are sterilized by available disinfectants.
  • Anesthesia administered to the patient. The liposuction doctors can also give sedatives either orally or through injections.
  • IV fluid is administered to compensate for the lost fluid.
  • Monitoring devices are usually attached to monitor blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels.

During the procedure, the patient feels a scrapping kind of sensation. The good thing about the procedure is the freedom that the patient has. They can walk back home the same day without complications. The liposuction before after pictures is vital in making a general assessment of the procedure.




Lipo is considered an effective body shaping cosmetic procedure. Ab liposuction is the most sought-after body contouring process, and there are positive reviews about the procedure. If done well, the procedure offers candidates the right body template to follow.

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