Juice Cleanse

Ever get that feeling that you’re always bloated or plugged up. Juice Cleanses are one of the most popular diets to help flush out your system of all the gunk that gets built up in your stomach and intestine. This liquid based diet helps your body reboot by replacing all the heavy foods people eat everyday like pasta, bread, meat, and refined dairies. Instead it replaces it with lighter foods that are easier for your body to digest. If you break down the food in a blender or a juicer your body combat a lot of the hard to digest fats, fibers, and carbohydrates that can easily upset your stomach. The easier it is for your body to process the food the easier it is for your body to get rid of the unnecessary fats and which will in turn help you lose weight.

Will it help me lose weight?

So long as you stick to this diet and make sure you are not overdoing your portions, you will surely lose weight. It’s one of the fastest ways to lose weight because the body burns through sugars from fruits and vegetables very quickly.

What kinds of juices are there?

There are a ton of fruits and vegetables out there for endless mixing and matching. Each year farmers develop new varieties of produce that will bewilder your taste buds. No matter the season there is something that will satiate your craving. Be sure to check out your local grocery store to find out what produce is in season and fresh.

Also, many juice cleanses are now including nut milks into the mix because it is much easier for the body to digest. This is great news because regular cow’s milk is a common allergy for most adults. Alternative milks provide that creaminess that are sometimes lacking in solely fruit based or vegetable based juices.

The Basics

The juice cleanse diet usually lasts anywhere from a few days to a week depending on how you feel. To avoid cheating, try to finish up or get rid of any solid foods in your house. You’ll need a blender or a juicer to break down the pulp and fiber of your favorite fruits and vegetables. That’s it! You can mix and match any fruit, vegetables, or nuts milks that you think might go well together.

Here are some quick and easy combinations that will help you get started:

Breakfast – Orange, a baby pinch of Cayenne, some ginger and Carrot Juice

Lunch – Strawberry and Kiwi Juice

Dinner - Cucumber, Celery, Kale, and Apple Juice

Dessert - Cashew Milk, Blueberries, and Raspberries.

If you ever feel as though your juice isn’t enough try and blend a banana in there to give it a little more substance.

After your juice cleanse you should feel refreshed, cleansed, and lighter.

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