IBS & Students

Thousands, millions even, of people around the world suffer from IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  IBS is a lifelong problem that typically manifests in most people around the age of eighteen to twenty. However, it is possible for younger people to suffer from IBS.  The links between IBS and stress, IBS and diet, and IBS and environmental factors are not fully understood.  Many doctors are actually unsure what causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome in most of their patients.  The public is similarly in the dark, although there have been some seemingly potential causes.  Poor gut biome health is a favorite among most doctors, and there is a lot of research that seems to back this up.  However, improper gut biome health usually leads to more serious stomach and gut issues, such as bacterial colitis.  Another factor that may contribute to IBS is improper diet, although poor dietary health can also affect the gut biome.  IBS may also be caused by stress and anxiety, as the bowels react strongly to issues in the nervous system.

Caused By Many Factors

Most doctors agree that IBS is caused by one or more of these three factors.  Meaning that anyone can develop IBS, but some groups are more at risk than others, particularly students.  Students, specifically those in high school and college are an interesting age group when it comes to IBS.  Most cases of IBS seem to develop around the 18- 24-year mark, and while this does not imply correlation, it is difficult to ignore.  Students, especially college students, are in a high stress environment and often have a harder time than usual getting the proper nutritional intake.  Students also have the tendency to consumer larger amounts of alcohol or begin to consume alcohol at this time.  All these factors put students at higher risk for developing IBS.

While not every student with develop IBS, it is an issue that students should be made aware of. The easiest way to avoid the onset of IBS is to manage stress with exercise and relaxation time, maintain a healthy diet, and avoid excess unhealthy behavior.  IBS can be prevented with the right knowledge and precautions.

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