Taking Care Of Your IBS While Staying Active

Exercising with a stomach ache can be very uncomfortable. But playing a sport, whether it is daily, individual, or team, while trying to hold back an unwanted, painful bowel movement can make your game completely off. Suffering from IBS does not mean you have to stop playing sports or staying active. Coping with the right dietary habits and taking over the counter medication before or after a competition can keep you going without risking having a flare of IBS symptoms. Staying healthy and prepared can limit side effects associated with IBS.

Some ways to combat IBS while you are an athlete are:


Hydrating before every game or practice is essential. But hydrating can also calm your IBS. Water can help flush any unwanted foods out of your body before you start to work out and can calm your digestive system. Hydrating can also help your stools stay normal and less painful if you happen to have a stomach before or during a game.

Eat a balanced meal before a game or practice

Eating too much or too little before playing sports can be poor for your performance. But eating the right amount food, and the right foods, can keep you from cramping or bloating before or during a match. Also, watching what you eat is crucial for the best performance. Eating fiber and protein can give you energy during the game while combating any symptoms of IBS that might come up.

Regulate bowel movements

Making sure that you have passed a bowel movement before practice or a game. Feeling the onset of diarrhea while participating in a physical activity can inhibit the way you play and be extremely uncomfortable. Covering all of your basis before can ease any worry that you will have an accident during and right after a game.

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