Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Hip Replacement?

Hip Replacement surgery a big surgery to prepare for. Your lifestyle may be a lot like how it was before you had surgery, but in other ways returning to your everyday activities may deem challenging at first. You will not have a complete full range of motion after hip replacement surgery as you will need to give the body time to heal. However, being an active and responsible participant in the healing process will help you return back to full mobility in no time.

Hip Replacement Surgery Expectations

Hip replacement surgery is a major operation so it is best to make sure you have the best support system to help during recovery. Before you have surgery, you will be evaluated by a nurse care manager. The nurse care manager is responsible for educating you on the do’s and don’ts after surgery. The NCM will identify your specific needs and create a detailed plan of care for your recovery from hip surgery. The detailed plan will include what you will need during your hospital stay as well as once you are discharged from the hospital. After surgery, you will be instructed to visit a physical therapist for many weeks after surgery. The physical therapist is responsible for helping you to eventually put full weight on the replaced hip and move independently. Many hip surgery patients aren’t confident enough to walk on after surgery, but a physical therapist helps gain that independence back. They will instruct you on different exercises that can be done at home to help with the healing process of hip replacement surgery. The plan of care after surgery will take into account the layout of your home, sleeping arrangements, showering, using the restroom, food preparation and transportation. Some modifications to the home may be required. Early activity is important following hip replacement surgery. In fact, some patients are walking short distances the same day as the procedure. Physical therapy usually starts the day after surgery, and continues for about two months after the operation. Typically, a physical therapist will show you exercises to do at home while you are still in the hospital. 

Hip Replacement Recovery Time

Recovery from hip surgery usually takes between three and six months. There are several steps patients can take to avoid common complications during this time. It is important to avoid falls and other injuries to the hip, so patients should use canes, crutches or walkers when necessary. They should also avoid stairs and other steep inclines during the first months after surgery. To avoid infection, patients should talk to their doctor about taking antibiotics before other medical operations. They should also take medications as prescribed to avoid blood clots. Special attention should be paid to sitting, sleeping and bending to avoid dislocating the hip. What Am I Recovering From? In order to understand the best plan for hip replacement recovery, it is best to understand the surgery fully. A hip replacement involves removing the damaged hip joint lining and replaces the joint surface with an artificial implant. The artificial implant functions similar to a normal hip. These types of implants can wear over time so hip replacement isn’t always suggested for younger patients due to the concern of the implant wearing out too quickly.

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