Hearing Aid Brands Comparison

The hearing aid market is expected to reach almost $10 billion by 2022. That number is up from a $7 billion market in 2017. That market is made up of hearing aid devices and hearing implants, but is expected to be dominated by hearing aids. Today the hearing aid market is dominated by six major brands. These brands are ReSound, Oticon, Starkey, Phonak, Siemens and Widex. Costco is also a major player in the hearing aid market. Costco is the second largest provider of hearing aids in the United States. The Veteran’s Administration is the largest provider of hearing aids.

Top 6 Hearing Aid Brands of 2020 Compared

  • Phonak Hearing Aids: Phonak is rated by many as one of the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Phonak is one of the biggest hearing aid manufacturers in the world.  Phonak has been developing hearing aid solutions for more than 70 years. They were founded in 1947 in Zurich, Switzerland, but today have facilities around the world and their products are sold in more than 100 countries and are part of the much larger Sonova group.  Initially they were known for their children’s hearing aids, but today they are known for the hearing technology across all markets. Phonak uses numbers to signify technology level, but they also differentiate their hearing aid types with different names. Their premium hearing aids will use the number 90 while a basic hearing aid will have the number 30 in the name. Their BTEs are called Bolero, their ITEs are called Virto and their RIC / RITEs are called Audeo. Phonak’s newest product is the Belong platform and their first range on the platform was the Audeo.

  • Siemens Hearing Aids: Siemens has been one of the most trusted brands in the hearing aid market for more than 100 years. They are now owned by the Sivantos group. Sivantos, Inc. is part of The Sivantos Group and operates in North America.  They are one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. They manufacture the hearing aid brands; Siemens, Signia and Rexton. Sivantos is committed to innovative hearing technology in a complete product line to meet every preference and need. Sivantos has kept the well-respected Siemens brand name for many of the hearing aids they manufacture, but they have also recently introduced their new brand, Signia. Siemens offers their hearing aids in a similar way to Phonak; they name their hearing aid types differently and use a numeral to signify the technology level. For instance, the Nx platform is split into three technology levels, with 7 being the top and 3 being the bottom. The hearing aids types are called Insio for custom hearing aids, Motion for BTE hearing aids and Pure for different RIC / RITE hearing aid types. 

  • Resound Hearing Aids: ReSound is part of The GN Group, which claims to be the global leader in intelligent audio solutions and is headquartered in Denmark. The sister brand of Resound is Jabra. Resound has also been around for more than 70 years with their founding in 1943. Today, their hearing devices are sold in more than 80 countries. They were also the first to bring 2.4GHz technology to the hearing aid market for direct connectivity. They also created the first Made for Apple® hearing aid with direct stereo sound streaming. Today, Resound offers a full line of hearing aid devices to cover the entire hearing aid market. All of ReSound’s latest hearing aids include Made for iPhone technology also known as MFi, for easy connection with mobile phones and MP3 players. The latest product family from ReSound is called LiNX 3D and includes a rechargeable option using ZPower technology.

  • Starkey Hearing Aids: Starkey Hearing Technologies claims to be the only privately-held American-owned and operated provider of hearing aid and hearing solutions in the world. They were founded in 1967 by William F. Austin in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and they are still headquartered there. So if American-made products are important to you then Starkey might be the hearing solution for you. Also, their charitable foundation has provided more than 1 million hearing aids around the world to people in need. Starkey’s brands include Starkey, NuEar, microtech, Audibel and All American Hearing.  Their latest hearing aid products are all smart phone compatible and they are known for their invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids, named SoundLens Synergy iQ.

  • Oticon Hearing Aids: Oticon’s tagline is “people come first.” It reflects their commitment to how important hearing is to an individual’s quality of life. They manufacture a full line of hearing aid models for all price ranges and sizes. Oticon hearing aid models include Opn, which is their latest model, Alta2, Nera2, Ria2, Dynamo, Sensei and SenseiSP. Like most manufacturers they organize their hearing aid lines to fit lifestyle and pricing needs. Their premium hearing aids have the best technology and the most bells and whistles.  Their Opn line is now considered their premium line, while the Ria2 line would be considered their most basic technology.

  • Widex Hearing Aids: Widex has also had a long history.  Like Resound, they were founded in Denmark. They were actually founded in 1956 and are also one of the largest manufacturers of hearing aids in the world. Their products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. They claim that their products are the most advanced, natural sound in the hearing aid market. Today, Widex’s brands include Fusion, Passion, XP, and Fashion. Also, EVOKE is their latest family of hearing aids. Fashion is their behind-the-ear technology (BTE), Fusion is their receiver-in-the-ear (RITE), Passion is their mini-RITE, and XP is their in-the-ear hearing aid group. (ITE) Their products are identified by product family name, then tech level and finally the name of the style.

As you can see the major hearing aid brands are not fly-by-night companies. They have all been around for decades and therefore should give you comfort that their products have stood the test of time. It is for this reason that when searching for a new hearing aid you stick to these major brands. For more information about hearing aid reviews, brands, specs, pricing, visit this helpful hearing aid resource.

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