Eye Exams

Materials For An Eye Exam 

People interested in a laser eye surgery treatment could not have picked a better time. With advances in the field of medicine and technology, one can get their eyes surgically "repaired", thus enabling them to get rid of glasses or contacts.

Before one is eligible for the procedure, a basic visit to the eye doctor will have to be conducted. The main part of the Visitation is the eye exam. This is where a specialized doctor will review one's sight, and advise on the appropriate course of action.

What to Bring to an Eye Exam

Part of the formal procedure requires letting one's doctor know of all the previous doctors they visited. This showcases patient's history and discloses any extenuating circumstances a physician should know. Also, bringing the glasses that are used at the moment, all the prescription drugs, and anything else applicable will be needed. Aforementioned is to ensure that the doctor can make a valid diagnosis.

Eye Exams

Specific types of exam and testing procedures go beyond a traditional eye chart. Manual refraction with a phoropter, exam of the retina after dilating a pupil, Applanation tonometry, and others are all procedures that one might need to undergo.

Some companies will offer a free exam if one decides to obtain glasses from them. To check for these arrangements one should look for "eye doctors near you". Usually, corporations that are large enough to facilitate free exams will be the only ones offering this.

If the issue with one's vision is almost beyond repair with traditional glasses or contacts, laser eye surgery is the best course of action. Since incredible modernization has happened, this procedure can be completed in a day, forever fixing one's prescription. But nonetheless, no action should be taken until a person consulted their eye care professional.

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