What Are The Early Signs of IBS?

For those struggling with daily stomach cramps, unusual stools, and trouble digesting dairy, you could possibly be suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS. IBS affects many people throughout the United States and can be easily treated by changing your diet, taking over the counter remedies, or adjusting the state of your mental health. Usually linked to stress, IBS can be a symptom of anxiety, depression, or can run in the family. Here are 4 signs that indicate that you might be one of those people who are suffering IBS:

  1. Stress
    1. Stress is a major factor leading to IBS. If you have a busy life, and your work or school schedule becomes a bit too overwhelming, your body will respond negatively, in return slowly developing symptoms of IBS. Tension in your outward life can affect you internally. Be mindful of how you carry your schedule. High stress could lead to an onslaught of bodily syndromes, including IBS.
  2. Anxiety

Like stress, anxiety can lead to unhealthy bowels and digestion habits, which could ultimately result in IBS. Tension in your mind can cause tension in your digestive systems, and when you are anxious, your body reacts and seizes up, pushing unnecessary weight on your stomach and intestines. Stress and anxiety could lead to one another, so if either are starting to affect how you process food, make a change in your daily schedule to ease any tensions and worries.

  1. Depression

Depression is a symptom of anxiety and stress, and can also cause your body to have trouble digesting, excreting, and wanting the necessary nutrients needed to keep you healthy and functioning. Learn to put as many positives in your life as possible, including the food you eat, the amount of exercise you achieve, and the community you surround yourself with.

  1. Stomach Cramping

If after you eat, and your stomach experiences cramping, bloating, or indigestion, you could be feeling the early signs of IBS. Depending on the food you eat, your stomach will break down whatever you ingest as best as it can. If you are fueling yourself with fatty, greasy foods, then your stomach will have a harder time breaking down this food, making your digestion cycle more difficult than it could be. Try changing your diet to a healthier palette.

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