Liposuction Before & After

Many women, and some men, do not like the appearance of their bodies. They often have excess weight, in the form of fatty flesh on the hips and thighs area, abdomen and even on the upper arms. Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that can lessen this dense fatty tissue, allowing the individual to look and feel much better.

This procedure is becoming increasingly more prevalent. There are competent liposuction doctors in most cities that have the knowledge and skills to perform this routine cosmetic surgery. Board certified plastic surgeons are the ones who typically do these minor surgeries, but the regulations for who is able to perform this procedure does vary in different locations. When individuals come in for a pre-procedure consult, the liposuction doctors will take liposuction before after pictures. These will be used as a guide during the surgery as it is important to only take the recommended percentage of excess fat tissue and fluid. These liposuction photos also allow the patient to see the difference in their appearance after the procedure is completed.

Depending on where the patient has excess fat, the liposuction doctors will decide whether to perform an ab liposuction, hip and thigh liposuction or all the the areas combined. The patient will be put under general anesthesia for this surgical procedure. This allows the operating room staff to perform the necessary procedures without having the patient in any distress. After the patient wakes, she might notice some soreness in the treated areas. It is also common to have bruising on the sites that were treated. The doctor will explain every detail beforehand and the patient is generally in good spirits after the procedure is completed. Patients are ecstatic at how different their bodies look. Patients who have been depressed about their body shape, size or appearance will typically feel wonderful, and patients usually report better spirits and physically feel stronger. It is astonishing at how different a patient can look after undergoing this awesome treatment. This procedure decreases fatty cells and breaks up unsightly cellulite deposits on hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. This lumpy cellulite is common in women that are heavier in those regions of the body. After surgery, patients are pleasantly surprised at how smooth their skin appears. The amount of fatty deposits removed depends on the patient, their weight and the doctor's judgement as to how much is safe. After treatment, patients often notice an increase in energy and a feeling of well-being. Most become more active since they are no longer carrying around that heavy load anymore. Patients are elated when they can fit into smaller sized clothes. Those that had significant cellulite deposits, now are unafraid to bare their arms and legs in public. Those liposuction photos taken by the surgeon before the surgery even started, says it all. Patients are amazed that others notice how much better they look overall. Many individuals are seeing the impressive results from liposuction. Interested parties should call for further details.

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