Are Surgery Options Available For IBS?

Since IBS does not cause physical changes or damages, there is no surgery to correct it. However, weight loss surgery can improve IBS symptoms. Studies have shown that obesity is associated with more severe IBS symptoms. People with IBS looking for restored quality of life may want to consider weight loss, or even weight loss surgery, for IBS.

Even though it is not life-threatening, IBS can take a physical and emotional toll. Getting symptoms under control can alleviate much stress for sufferers.

Misdiagnosis is Common

With so many illnesses having similar symptoms to IBS, misdiagnosis of IBS is incredibly common. It's important to know what the symptoms of IBS are so that you can look at your daily life and see if the common causes of IBS are present. Once you've determined that you are suffering from the symptoms of IBS, you will better be able to express your treatment needs to your doctor.

A gastroenterologist may perform further testing such as a blood draw, x-ray or CT scan to rule out any other serious conditions that may be causing the IBS. This specialty doctor will also be able to discuss other treatments to help ease the symptoms and flare ups. Living with IBS is not comfortable and can often be stressful but being able to manage it and have a doctor on your side that is willing to try different medications and therapies will help with IBS management.

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